Labor Plan

This is where you select your job for the day and add your required positions, people, equipment and timeslots - you can separate them if you’d like for better visual organization. You can search through your schedule to find names and quickly see accurate counts for unique people, total positions, and people already scanned in for the day. From here you can pull various job documents and communicate with staff wherever they are. Dispatch and communicate with everyone at the click of a button.


Organize your job how you need it. Booths, Ballrooms, Stages, Pools, Departments. You are in control.

Documents and Quoting

Store documents for your job to always have them on hand. Generate quotes quickly to close the deal.


Send directly to a workers app or text. Communication is key to any job.


Never have to worry you missed someone. Let people go to work and catch any last minute additions.


Assign Equipment to a worker or an area. Keeping track of items in the field reduces increased costs.