Time Tracking

Anazlyze, filter and sort time over a range of settings. Quickly go through and confirm time data for any amount of jobs. Look at any amount of data or just the one entry you need.

Minimize Mistakes

Reducing editable fields and automating 99% of time entry decreases the amount of records needing to be touched.

Quick Totals

See quick totals for the most important fields. Be it staff or hours.


Many options to drill down into the data and then display it in the order you want.

Overtime Logic

Customize the internal logic so hours are tracked how you need them. Overtime on Saturdays, but not Sundays...Done.


Sometimes situations are unpredictable. Manual edit entries if you need to or use quick tools to edit tracked time.


Export data to excel or any number of programs. Share and print reports to get data where it needs to be. We are always increasing the amount of applications we are compatible with.