Labor Planning

Easily create your daily schedule using our simple UI. Quickly create your labor calls according to your needs. Generate quotes fast! The same way you would a normal job. Export forms or reports for your company. Message workers directly in the app, E-mail, or SMS. Getting information is key to any situation on the job site. Accessing information is crucial on the job site where unexpected things happen daily, anyone not scheduled can still be tracked, so you can focus on it later. Use tasks to break down complex jobs into manageable sections, providing organization options for any scenario. Keep track of your on-site equipment by linking it to tasks or assigning it to staff and monitoring its usage time.

Labor Plan

Create Your Schedule

Pick the job you want to work on today and specify the number of people, equipment, and time needed. You can group them visually to make it easier. You can also check your schedule to see who's working today and how many people you'll need. You can access job documents and contact your staff from wherever you are. You can communicate with everyone at the click of a button.


Handle multiple jobs at once! You can add your required positions, people, equipment, and timeslots. It's customizable to your preference - separate them for better visual organization if you'd like. A search function allows you to sift through your roster, find names, and quickly see accurate counts for unique people, total positions, and various other statuses


Setting up your workspace in a way that suits your job or event will help you succeed. Organize your job how you need it! Booths, Ballrooms, Stages, Pools, Departments, etc. You are in control!


Quickly add positions and their duration or start time. Generate quotes for any job size in minutes without leaving the page. Use your quote to fill the job once its accepted.


You can add staff to a job by name or skill. Using the autofill feature, you can quickly match skilled staff with various positions. This takes the guesswork out of staffing and ensures the right people are in the right places.


Once your job buildout is complete, you can quickly dispatch the job to your staff with SMS, Email, and App notifications. Everyone stays informed and connected.


Store all necessary job-related documents in one centralized location, accessible to all managers. This data can also be sent to staff in the field via a simple checkbox.


Assign equipment to a worker or an area, helping keep track of items in the field and reducing increased costs.


With our system, you'll never have to worry about missing someone. The software allows people to get to work quickly, and easily accommodates last-minute additions.


Send direct messages to a worker's via app, text or E-mail. Effective communication is key to any job, and this feature makes it easier.

Our solution enables you to get your jobs built swiftly and ensure everything is under control. It takes away the stress of event planning, allowing you to focus on what matters most - delivering a successful event.

Documents/ Quoting

Get Your Job Moving

Labor Plan is more than just a tool for adding names and positions to your job. It's a comprehensive system that enables you to integrate forms or reports for your company. You can attach pertinent documents to a job, ensuring they are always within reach. Even in the most challenging situations, Labor Plan allows you to print Sign In sheets and Time Cards. Our solution also expedites the quote generation process. Before delving into managing a job, secure the job! The process of adding any number of positions and setting their work duration can be accomplished with just a few clicks. You can export your quote based on pre-existing contracts and send it directly. Do you have a recurring job? Generate a quote based on the job from the previous year! This feature significantly cuts down the time required to prepare intricate estimates.


Communicate With Staff

Effective communication is pivotal! Stay responsive to any situation on the job site with our SMS or In-App Messaging features. The ability to send out alerts or share information is not limited by the type of device used, thanks to our SMS function that caters to both new and older phones. In addition, our solution supports direct messaging within the app. Managers using the web UI can transmit messages to any worker who has the app. This enables workers to respond promptly with any necessary information a manager might need. The direct messaging feature eliminates the need for you to send texts or messages from your personal phone or to look up numbers or emails. It's all centralized, simplifying communication and enhancing workflow efficiency.


Track The Unexpected

Everyday brings a new set of surprises. Workers might call in sick, additional demands may emerge, and last-minute changes aren't always feasible. With our solution, anyone not previously scheduled who turns up can be allocated to the 'unassigned booth'. This allows you to concentrate on immediate tasks and address this issue later. Rest assured, their check-in and check-out times will be tracked, providing you with the necessary data to later assign them appropriately within your job framework.


Organize Your Job

Jobs can vary greatly in their complexity. Some are straightforward, requiring just a few names before they're ready to launch. Others, such as conventions and festivals, are intricate and large-scale. In these instances, tasks are employed to deconstruct these complex jobs into more manageable sections. This method enhances visual organization, enabling you to more effectively distribute your workers to the locations where they're needed. You have the flexibility to structure your job according to your unique needs, be it Booths, Ballrooms, Stages, Pools, or Departments. Ultimately, you're the one in control.


Keep Track

Staffing your job can often represent only a part of the entire process. Essential tools and equipment, regardless of their size, are typically required for most jobs as well. Our system allows you to keep track of equipment present onsite. You can associate it with specific tasks or assign it to staff members and monitor its usage duration. This significantly minimizes instances of misplaced equipment, enhancing efficiency and reducing potential costs.

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