Scan In and Scan out! Simple lightweight app for your staff. Use QR codes, badges, manual entry, phone cameras, self scan. Let workers enter their lunch or equipment hours. Customize your process for your needs! Workers can see their full Job History, positions, and time.



Scan In Scan Out

Experience the convenience of scanning in and scanning out using STARS' streamlined and user-friendly app, available for both iOS and Android. A clean interface and lightweight size, makes it an optimal choice for anyone. Whether you're clocking in for the day, tracking hours, or signing out, the STARS app makes these tasks quick and effortless.

Multiple Methods

What Works For You

STARS offers many ways to get your staff going. You can use QR codes reduce your need for on-site hardware and reduce costs. Badges are often a part of festivals or unions and can be used in our many scan methods. Kiosks provide a solution for centralized, self-service options; if your team enters through one or a few entrances. If you prefer a more manual approach, STARS also allows for managers to scan people straight from the web interface. The flexibility of STARS is a key pillar of our system. Use the lead function to have an onsite foreman scan people in/out as their team arrives. Use the Self-Scan option if you won't be onsite to track a job or have a large organization that just needs to get going quickly. Or the Self-Edit option that allows managers the responsibility of setting their own start time regardless of the schedule. Built-in cameras, scanners any hardware can work. STARS accommodates whichever method works best for you, offering the flexibility to get the job done!

Scan In/Out


Info You Need

Customization is the other name of the game. Cater to your specific requirements and demands. Permit workers to log their lunch hours or record the duration they've utilized certain equipment. This feature can assist in gathering accurate data for improved planning and reporting. Or quickly turn off any questions if you need a simple scan in/out. Incorporate custom questions during the scan in and out process. Let us know your needs and we can satisfy them. This adaptability empowers you to tailor the system to your unique needs.

Job History

Always Available

With STARS, workers can access their work history, greatly reducing the calls to HR!

Past Jobs

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