Time Tracking

Analyze, filter and sort time with a range of settings. Minimize mistakes with automation and quick easy changes. Select one or multiple jobs. Filter by task or position. See quick totals for whatever data you have on screen. Customize the overtime logic you use. Manual edit the 1% and don't worry about the 99%. Export data from STARS to any number of programs!

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Time Management

Examine, filter, and organize your time data across a range of settings. You can rapidly verify time data for any number of jobs, whether you need to look at one record or many.

Reduce Errors

By minimizing the number of editable fields and automating 99% of time entries, the potential for mistakes is substantially reduced, decreasing the number of records that require attention.

Instant Summaries

Get on-the-spot summaries for various totals, whether related to staff numbers or worked hours.


Numerous options are available for you to delve into the data and organize it in a way that best suits your needs.

Custom Overtime Rules

Adjust the system's internal rules to monitor hours as per your unique requirements. Whether overtime applies on Saturdays but not Sundays, it's covered.


Acknowledging that situations can be unpredictable, our system provides the option to manually edit entries or use quick tools to alter tracked time.

Export Capability

Export your data to Excel, PDF or various other software. Share and print reports to disseminate data as needed. We are continuously enhancing our compatibility with a wide range of applications.

Minimize Mistakes

Errors Cost Money

Navigating through hundreds of records and copious amounts of data can be a challenging task. However, STARS' automation simplifies this process by pre-filling most of the required information. When reviewing time data, typically only minor modifications or corrections are needed. With STARS, only crucial fields are editable, significantly reducing the risk of errors. You can confidently review any amount of information, knowing you have a reliable system to aid in ensuring accuracy.

Time Tracking


Analyze Your Data

Time tracking serves as a potent instrument for managing your workforce. Whether it's a single job or multiple, whether you want to examine one position over a month, or review an employee's annual work hours, the comprehensive filtering and search tools assist you in pinpointing exactly what you need. Additionally, you can organize the data displayed on your screen according to various criteria. Keep an eye on those who haven't arrived yet, sort by overtime hours to identify positions or tasks requiring additional assistance, or elevate entries with comments for more detailed examination to the top of the page. The flexibility of this tool makes managing your operations simpler and more efficient.

Quick Totals

Know Info Fast

Bid farewell to the laborious task of manual counting or addition. With STARS, totals for the data you've fetched in the time tracking providing key information at a glance. This allows you to quickly respond to inquiries. Inform customers about the amount of overtime accumulated. Or does security need to know who is still on site? There's no need for you to hunt for this data - STARS keeps it readily available for you!


Overtime Logic

Automate Processes

Personalize the overtime rules based on your needs with STARS! Different locations like California and Florida have distinct regulations, and similarly, union and non-union workers follow different rules. Allow STARS to accommodate all the rules relevant to your jobs' locations and automate 99% of the work, leaving you to focus on just the 1% that needs your attention!


Manual Control

Even with the best planning, unexpected situations can occur. STARS is designed to automate 99% of time tracking based on your personalized overtime logic, but there are occasions when these established rules might not suffice. In such instances, STARS allows for manual edits of time entries. Moreover, it offers numerous options for managing extras, miscellaneous additions, add-ons, or adjusting the day count for your overtime logic. With STARS, you're equipped to handle any curveball that comes your way!

Time Tracking


Use Your Data

STARS offers flexible data management options that allow you to export reports to widely accepted formats like Excel or PDF, which comes in handy when sharing these reports for team meetings, client presentations, or archival purposes. But the versatility doesn't stop there. STARS also enables you to import its data into a plethora of other software programs. This means you can effortlessly integrate the data from STARS with your existing systems or any other tools you frequently use, be it your accounting software, a project management tool, or any other program that supports data import. With STARS, managing, analyzing, and sharing your data becomes an incredibly smooth process!

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