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An Efficient, Streamlined,
and Convenient

Tool for Managing Labor

Time Tracking

STARS tracks and manages time using various filters, search tools and sort methods to quickly get exactly the information you need. You can also manually edit logic-controlled time and record comments for future reference.

Labor Plan

STARS is fully scalable and able to handle jobs of any size – from a single worker to thousands of people at multiple locations across the country. Labor positions and various data points can be customized. STARS creates necessary documentation easily and sends messages to staff in the field.

Large staff

Handle large staff records without added costs. The larger the job the larger your pool of workers needs to be. Having them in STARS will not have an added cost to you!

Track Certs

Track documentation for your staff to stay compliant with local and federal laws. Badges, certs, documents can all be stored in staff records. If needed they can be used to restrict sign in at jobs if not present.


Export your data to various formats or use our new Live Docs feature. Export your data to various accounting or payroll applications. Reduce double entry and speed up your workflow.


STARS makes it easy to adhere to state or union contracts. Once entered, payroll and billing reports can be exported or imported to various accounting or payroll applications simply and efficiently.


Get the staff you need. Check availability of your workers before you finalize your schedule. Send job info to your crew. Filter by skills and other means quickly when building your job.

Receive Digital New Hire Paperwork

Our new stand alone service that will integrate with stars in the future. Stop worrying about lost or damaged papers. Get verification documents attached alongside various paperwork digitally. New Hire, Address Change, Direct Deposit, Union, Health, OSHA and many more…

Hosted on AWS
for Performance and Security

A large portion of the internet trusts AWS to drive their business. AWS has the services to help you build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Stars Works in Many Industries


Festivals, Concerts, Theaters, STARS has reduced chaos and simplified management


CES, SEMA, NABA, NAAB, STARS has managed time at the biggest and smallest


Have various locations or work sites? Let your staff seamlessly move between them all


Labor Planning

Create your daily schedule using our simple UI. Quickly create your labor calls according to your needs. Create quotes fast! The same way you would a normal job. Add forms or reports for your company. Message workers directly in the app or via SMS. Getting information is key to any situation on the job site. The unexpected happens everyday. Anyone not scheduled can still be tracked, so you can focus on it later. Tasks are used to break down complex jobs into sections or areas. This gives you organization options for any situation. Track equipment you have onsite. Attach it to tasks or assign it to staff and track time in use.


Time Tracking

Analyze, filter and sort time with a range of settings. Minimize mistakes with automation and limiting initial changes allow efficient data processing. Select one or multiple jobs. Filter by task or position. See quick totals for whatever data you have on screen. Customize the overtime logic you use. The unexpected happens, be able to react with a manual edit of time. Export data from STARS to any number of programs!

Time Tracking



Scan In and Scan out! Simple lightweight app for your staff. Use QR codes, badges, manual entry, phone cameras. Let workers enter their lunch or equipment hours, customize scan in/out for your needs. Workers can see their full Job History: past jobs, positions, and time.



Send new jobs to your worker! Give them all the info they need to get to be prepared and get to the job. Once your job setup in STARS is completed, the system facilitates swift and efficient dispatch of job details to your team. You can utilize a variety of communication methods including SMS, Email, and in-app notifications. This ensures that all your team members receive the necessary information in a timely manner, irrespective of their location or the device they are using.

IOS and Android compatible SISO

Scan In/Scan Out

Use a QR code, use a kiosk, use the lead functionality, use self-sign in...the options are endless. What works for you?


Send job and location information, maps, documents...and more directly to staff! Workers can see any number of jobs they are scheduled for.

Job History

Staff have 24-7 access to their job history for the past year, helping reduce HR support calls!


Use in-app messaging, SMS, and E-mail. We don't limit how you can contact your staff!

The STARS app is light and quick; simple to install and easy to begin using immediately.

We Value Customer Feedback In All Things

We Are Here Because of You

We Value Customer Feedback In All Things

We Are Here Because of You

Since Proctor productions has been using the stars app it has taken alot of stress off of the scheduling side of things and made it easier to send information to our employees.. My favorite feature is dispatch!

Anthony Miller

Proctor Productions

Stars has really simplified how I schedule my workers for their shifts. The drag and drop of workers into booths are one of my favorites. The one click to change the start time for everyone is great! It is user-friendly and very easy to learn. Very good

Ingrid Rosa

Entertainment Labor Force

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2 Million+

Hours Tracked

10 K+


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