Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, we have a demo instance we can add you to, and you can give it a try!

Yes, using a new service DNH from our parent company Synchronus. Currently this is a stand-alone product. In the future it will be integrated with STARS. Look forward to having people fill out your paperwork digitally! Having their information created or updated in your STARS instance. No more chasing old contact info or paperwork!

Yes, on the SISO app they can track their history and hours tracked.

You can use a .csv file of your contacts to import them into your instance. We reccomend letting us do the import, but this option is available.

When dealing with a large amount of data there are always issues. We would be happy to import your contact lists for you, the best way to quickly get up and running!

We support uploading various certificates and documents into STARS.  It can check if someone has a non-expired document when you add them to jobs!

Yes, you can either move them to another job through the program or they can scan in/scan out. Each job can be set up with different contracts, and when they are scanned into that job, it will track time based on the job’s contract.

They can view their history on their app, so it eliminates the need for physical copies per employee.

Using a link you can send someone, or a QR code you can post at a work site. New hires can add themselves to stars and scan in instantly. This gets people up and working on your job quickly.

Please ask about our parent companies service for digital new hire paperwork. This will ease the troubles of handling new workers and eventually be integrated with STARS and it’s onboarding process.